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Becoming a Universal Market Trader!

This is an inquiry that a great many people have posed to something like once in their lives, and is requested all the more often in light from these evolving times. As we travel through the New Earth perspective change, it is normal to detect a more grounded need to realize the future and given the different hypotheses drifting about with respect to 2012 and then some, many are left inclination a more profound feeling of vulnerability about their future and the fate of this planet!

Truly our future will continuously be an immediate impression of our ongoing convictions and considerations!

Assuming we spend most of our psychological and profound energy in the past searching for replies, for more joyful times, or for recovery, we will propagate that energy continuum into our future. On the other hand, assuming that we spend most of our energy later on, we pass up the heavenliness and clearness accessible to us in the present. It is normal for a few of us spend most of our energy focussed in the past while others spend most of their energy later on. Despite which heading we are deliberately and subliminally focussing our consideration, we are definitely not investing energy in the present!

Presence permits us to know about our life force, our beingness, our boundless potential, our vision, our heavenly mission and values, our remarkable gifts and abilities, etc. Presence permits us to extend our multi-faceted channels of correspondence through all of our twelve energy bodies accordingly completely adjusting to the affection and light energies of the Maker and our limitless innovative potential.

In lining up with the energy of creation, we permit ourselves to completely typify our “creation” story which holds the novel frequencies of our spirit, our motivation, our old insight and heavenly gifts, our symphonious design and our arrangement of heavenly advancement. It likewise supernaturally associates us with our Oversoul, our spirit family, and our “perfect partners” in this way giving us the most profound feeling of association; association with all that is and will at any point be!

Thus, investing energy beyond the current second disengages us on all levels, including: genuinely, inwardly, intellectually, profoundly, physically, socially, imaginatively, and monetarily. This disengagement future university frequently leaves us feeling detached, distanced, and alone and prompts embrace a deception of partition which powers the inner self to go into self-conservation mode.

When we are in self-protection mode, the inner self (our brain) creates contemplations out of dread that generally start with “what if….?”. The more “consider the possibility that” thinking we produce, the more uneasiness we make. While we’re feeling restless, isolated and unfortunate we frequently wind up planning ahead with the expectation of more joyful times, in this way creating questions like, “what does my future hold?” Yet, the additional time we spend from now on, the more we extend the energies of dread and detachment. The more that we grow these energies, the more trepidation and vulnerability we feel and the more we attempt to disappear to the future with the bogus assumption that it will be the desert spring that our current second doesn’t appear to be! This can leave us feeling like a hamster on a wheel; continually turning (our psyches) yet never getting anyplace!