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The 5 Best Travel Blogs

Blogs and websites about travelling are the current rage. It gives travelling enthusiasts a chance to take their own journey through pictures. These blogs and websites also give individuals the options to choose destinations that they may never have considered visiting.

Here are some the best travel blogs and websites that deserve to be followed:


  • 2 Nomads,The 5 Best Travel Blogs and Websites that Deserve to be Followed  Articles 1 Narrative

This travel blog by Nicky and Rhys is a quirky yet fulfilling look at the locations they visit. They have been travelling since 2009. They first bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok and have never returned home since. They have been teaching, and travelling, around the world. They have also called South Korea, Peru and Vietnam their home for a few years. They are currently in South America!

  • A Luxury Travel Blog

This blog by blogger Paul is unlike any other travel blog you have probably ever read. Paul’s main aim through his blog is to introduce other travelling enthusiasts to the finer aspects of travel. For the discerning traveller, Paul provides valuable information on luxurious resorts and hotels in addition to some of the best restaurants and other news from his travels around the world.

  • Abandon the Cube

Have you ever wanted to leave your day job in the hope of travelling the globe? Well, Mike and Lauren did just that. They take us on a journey of the places they visit. They usually take the sea route or ground transport for their travels. You will not be disappointed!


  • Triptease

On this site, you can read blog de voyage through a host of user-provided itineraries. The site also has a search engine to help you find the best rates and deals when planning for your vacation. The website also provides travellers with only the best travel advice. It also gives you the option to look for certain locations that could inspire you to travel more.

  • The Man In Seat 61

This website is perfect for travel to Europe and for backpackers who want to travel on a budget. If you want to skip travelling by flight and prefer taking boats, trains, or even buses, this website will hook you up! All you will be required to do is feed in your point of departure and destination to get a list of routes available. You would not have to worry about flying now, especially if you are petrified.